Let me take you to the Rains….!

Let me take you to the rains in countryside Maharashtra which changed my opinion about rains. Which reminded me that,rains are not always about mud,flooded potholes, power offs and traffic jams.. I hope this pictures will change your perspective too.

Where clouds kiss beautiful earth   

Almost there with black beauty…

Ghannan ghannan ghir ghir aai badara…

And beauty of the day is….

40 thoughts on “Let me take you to the Rains….!

    • Ohh…are you a frequent visitor to Pune? I think you must be visiting Lonavala-Khandala during your visit 🙂 If not then you must plan to visit them next time in rainy season..its heaven out there 😀

  1. These pictures remind me of my second home: manipal…. Whenever Ilucky to see rain (which after coming to Delhi has become kind of “rare” event ;-)) I get automatically transported to the wonderland of Manipal during Monsoons… The (love) affair with Monsoons is Manipal will “haunt” rest of my life :)…. and this is a common emotion shared by all those who have been in Manipal..
    Thanx for these beautiful photographs… share more if possible…

    • Yes…some of the beautiful memories associated with rains go back to B’lore in my case..those were the lovely lovely times…I will be definitely sharing more pictures from this season 😀

  2. Fabulous…am falling all over in love with the rains again and again,with every picture…so lovely…the flower takes the crown !!! 🙂

    Hello dear, you’ve been tagged…kabi toh blogghopping karo….

  3. wonderful pics..

    I have always loved rains.

    Sometimes it just freaks me out to sit in office when its raining outside..

    I always forget my raincoat at home..love getting drenched 🙂

    what pics to start a dull day at office..thanks…where are this pics from?

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