My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

IHM  and telugumom tagged me for this innovative tag

Well,the topic is very simple as put in the blog post – what 10 “mainly womanly/manly” things do you/I like to do that are not so done by your gender. Hmmm..from my perspective this is the difficult tag to complete.

So here are the 10 things a Woman in me likes to do as a Man and somethings which as a Woman I don’t do 😉

1. Take a smoke break after every 1-hr in office and suffocate your colleagues with passive smoke.

2. When a friend calls you out for some urgent work, start walking as it is without bothering about your present state of dressing.

3. Forget every other important bday and anniversaries 😀 😀

4. Sit in house staring at nothing.

5. Enter home, throw bagpack on couch, 1 shoe in North direction other in South.

6. My hubby is a better cook and caretaker than me.

7. I rarely wear Mangalsutra,toe rings..the signs of Indian married woman. Neither I changed my surname officially after marriage.

8. For last 5 months, I’m living alone in my house since hubby dear is away for work in other city.

9. Can’t stand those saas-bahu serials on idiot box. They are just annoying.

10. I enjoy reading books. Have good collection of them at home !

Ok guys,so here it was..the list can be unending but I am keeping it short while sticking to the rules 😉

So whoever wants to pick up this tag is welcome !! Guys and Girls I Would love to read your sins 😛 😛 😛

30 thoughts on “My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

  1. Nicely done 🙂

    I would used to throw my backpack after coming back from college. My mom used to clean it up most of the times. Now, it is not fun anymore 😦

  2. till today, i haven’t understood the reason why given the same circumstances men resort to smoking or drinking while women do not!

  3. For smoking thing, that colleague of yours will probably enjoy it rather than suffocating 🙂
    Point 3 is just ‘natural’ for some of us 😛 and point 4 is totally Boyz thing.. ask Russell Peters if you don’t believe me 🙂

  4. it’s good to enter and throw things around and plonk on the sofa. but u must have someone else to pick it up, else it’s no fun.

  5. Do you really want to do 1??
    5 is funny 🙂

    nicely done.. just wondering if 3 and 10 are stereo types?

    ahhh I love reading too… I have even started a library out of my own coolection 🙂 an exucse to keep collecting more 🙂

  6. Good list sinner !!! 🙂

    Oh those serials are total yuck – I hate them all. Never watch them, which runs for years. Better watch a movie and be done with that. 🙂

    Bravo, for staying alone !!! 🙂

    Yeah, books are frnds for life. 🙂

    Cheers on #7 !!! 🙂

    BTW, I too tagged you, left a msg for you !!! 😉

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