Her Royal Highness

Yesterday, while leaving early from office, lots of options “TODO” were lingering on my mind. What to do and What not was the question. Reaching home in broad day-light is pretty cool thing guys..those who have experienced this once in a blue moon will definitely agree with me .

Well, till the time I reached home, I had a good plan in place. And my aim was to execute it as it is. Recently, my friend parked her Activa(2-wheeler) at my place,because she is out-of-town for some days..and its been ages I have driven 2 wheeler. Ok..now the reason behind me not driving for almost 5 yrs now is pretty simple..After marriage, I am blessed with a chauffeur(poor v) driven car which gives me no time to wish for 2-wheeler.

And V is really against of me driving 2-wheeler..not that, I am a bad driver..But he doesn’t trust anyone on road except himself 😛 and dear hubby is protective for his wifey too. So this was a good chance for me to take the bike out..of course with the due permission nod from him 😉

I took out Activa and roamed in the vicinity of our area..my joys knew no bound..the feeling itself was refreshing..as if I was independent and free to do anything. First thing on my list was Library visit to exchange old books with new ones..gosh its been 3 months I have not read anything, so Library was my aim. Initially I was scared “Kahi main driving bhool to nahi gai” But next moment everything was allright..I was all myself..the older me..the confident me who used to drive to college everyday..who knew each and every hotspot in the city while exploring whole city on her bike..At last when I drive back home the feeling was no less than being a queen on the roads 😀 😀 😀  It was Shree–Her Royal Highness who had rediscovered herself and the small joy of driving !!!!!

28 thoughts on “Her Royal Highness

  1. yeah I agree to the first line…seeing daylight while you reach home was seldom for me too 🙂 and it gave immense pleasure !

    Driving by self is fun at all times..be it a 2 wheeler or 4 🙂 and I can imagine you feeling ‘freedom’ while driving 🙂

    Happy for you 🙂

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