Zindagi..Do Pal Ki..

She was vivacious and full of life. Was living her every day as if it was her last day in this world.

She always wanted to do things at the drop of a hat..was always enthusiastic and active participant in each and everything she did…

She had explored the world more than any other woman in her circle…She was my Mom’s best buddy..a very good friend..with whom Mom had shared some very beautiful and memorable moments..

Mom said..she was always in hurry…”Haso,khelo,muskurao..kya pata kal ho na ho” was her mantra in life..may be it was her sixth sense..but like everything else she did in hurry..she left this world in the same pace…unexpectedly..the news was shocking and really disturbing for all of us…Its hard to digest…

Aunty, though you are not amongst us physically..you will be always remembered for your vivacious,bubbly and easy-going nature.

40 thoughts on “Zindagi..Do Pal Ki..

  1. She’s real lucky! To have lived her life to the fullest, happily, spiritedly.
    You should be celebrating for her….that she did not stay back and suffer!

    Hugs to your mommie…and you! Her memories will always give you happiness, hope and strength! πŸ™‚

  2. May her soul rest in peace… !

    Recently a friends dad expired unexpectedly while having his dinner and I know how difficult it is to digest such losses… !

  3. der r ppl around us who make life so comfortable for us that we can never ever realiz dey can lev us ….but der sudden demise makes us ponder ovr why God snatches away good ppl from this world !!!

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