Pune has loooong way to go

Every morning while on my way to office..I wonder why Pune roads are always flooded with bikes,cars? Sometime back an email forward mentioned, Pune has maximum number of 2-wheelers in India…Looking at those 2-wheelers on roads, I feel the mail thing must be true 😀 😀  One basic question arises in my mind,Why everyone prefers taking their own vehicle to the work? Obviously because of the flexibility and Independence the vehicle gives us in terms of managing our times and poor local transporation available.

As per my experience in Mumbai,B’lore, life is much easier in this cities. You can travel to any two extreme ends in no time..may it be any time of the day/night /midnight. Which is not the case in Pune..here If I am leaving office say by 8pm in the eve which is obviously not very late,autowalas will not agree to come to my area and even if they are ready to come will demand Rs.20/40 extra than the meter fare..and let me tell you,it is very irritating to negotiate with them daily.

Other fact I have observed about Pune buses is that, in the peak hours, when majority people are waiting for bus at bus stop, the driver purposely will not halt the bus at the designated stop.There are only 2 possibilities either he will stop or he won’t 😉  So, people waiting at the bust stop has to wait for next bus and the saga continues till the time they get into a decent bus or opt for an auto etc.

The major factors in any place’s growth are its connectivity n infrastructure and Pune has long way to go on both the fronts. I feel the local transportation in Pune is the worst compared to any other major cities. There are very few local city buses on every route in Pune. If there were buses in good frequency on office route..I would have preferred bus travel daily.  Poor bus frequency or NO buses at all makes autowala’s king in the area.
For records, Pune Auto driver’s are the most arrogant,hopeless people I have ever seen ( barring few exceptions ) more on them sometime later.

So,guys you must have understood,life in Pune is not really easy for those, who do not have their own vehicles or can not afford the one.  I really wonder why can’t Pune transportation authorities act on this grave and basic problem ???

Its been long time since many major IT,automobile giants are established in Pune..Looking at the increasing population there has to be some plan in place to develop the facilities  in systematic manner..which will make life easier for Mango (aam) janta !

40 thoughts on “Pune has loooong way to go

  1. the bus not stopping at the stop is true with chennai too… I have witnessed it during my college days… autowala’s looks the same across all cities in India…

  2. i think we should be done with Pune bashing now. all the cities including Delhi suffer from the same problem and except none of the cities have any efficient public transport system. when the cities grow unnaturally, these problems are bound to occur. there are people from different regions and different temperaments and attitudes. everyone is in a hurry, with no thought for others! soooo……………

    • Yeah dear..whole India is facing same problem…whereever you go..you will face same situation with some differences…I know Pune used to be serene city and a city for retireds…the unexpcted population growth has caused so many problems..But still there should be systematic plan in place to control all these things is what I believe in 🙂

  3. what u say is absolutely true. i say this in spite of being a hard core punekar. the lack of discipline– traffic or otherwise, puts us to shame. and the manners too. there is a small hope that they will learn, but only a small one!those who have lived abroad also revert to old bad habits. what is to be done?

    • I have seen Indians following every traffic rule and abiding by the speed limits on foreign lands..but I really wonder why can’t they do same on Indian roads? Why every rule becomes uselss in our country..is the biggest question..I think everything starts from ourself..if we decide to
      abide by rules..isn’t that enough ?

  4. with my 3 yrs of experience in Pune, I must say, Pune is much more interesting if you have a two wheeler. So own it by hook or by crook as soon as you land in Pune.

    and Puneri autowallas, you can’t go with them, you can’t go without them 😦

  5. Dint know it ws this bad in Pune 😦 The main problem with Hyd is public transport. Local trains are good but frequency is way toooo less 😦

  6. I was in Pune last month, with my brother on his bike and was shocked to see that traffic lights are only for decoration in small nooks! Nobody even bothered looking at it!

    But I bet every town has its own terrible traffic tale…

  7. India itself has a looong way to go in terms of traffic control ! 😀 😀

    I prefer my own transportation for the same reasons you mentioned. Cuz even if I am late, I just have to blame my fate ! 😀

  8. ahhh I was thinking on the same lines while coming to office today… the traffic just goes berserk when it starts raining.. I dont understand why.. to be very blatant Pune traffic sucks big time..

    Too Many 2 wheelers… bad public transport.. rude autowalas… no trafiic sense… many complaints…

  9. Oh, B’lore is pretty bad! The infrastructure is totally falling apart, and in no way is travelling easy 🙂 I have a friend who chooses to leave for work at 6 in the morning, and spend hours in office becos leaving at 8 would make him travel for 2 whole hours extra!
    Anyway, I guess nothing compares to Mumbai, and now Delhi is matching up with its Metro 🙂

  10. Didn’t know that things are this bad, for me, Pune has alwyas been a calm, green city, which it was way back in the 90’s when I had been there.
    YEs public transportation has to be improved whether it be buses, local trains or monorail, it will reduce traffic and also pollution.

    • Pune used to be like that years ago..but now this new face of Pune is quiet ugly..At least I have seen it so far. Autowalla’ , shopkeepers in n around my area feel we s/w industry guys are earning bag full of money every month 😛

  11. Yeah, commuting from one place to another – a major problem if there is slacking public transportation systems.

    That way, Chennai is damn good in the network of buses and trains. There are services to every nook and corner of the city.

    The autos are hopeless, in any city, I guess – they only rob ppl by their sky high rates…

    • You are right Uma,transportation in Chennai,B’lore is very good. And it is making life easier there. But still there are other options available so Chennai ppl need not always take the heat of autowalla’s and their moods !

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