Fatherhood and Feelings

“Yaar,till date I never took girls and motherhood seriously..But in past few days my perspective towards girls has changed a lot..My respect for them is doubled..Now when my wifey and I are expecting our baby very soon..the thoughts of going through tremendous pains to bring a new life in existence are shattering me..and making me realise how great all women are !!  This is god and nature given gift to women in true sense..”

Bhavik was talking constantly on snacks table last eve. Annant and I were too surprised to hear all this from him. We never expected this from a guy like Bhavik..who rather is a carefree and mast maula normally 😛  Bhavik and Prachi are expecting their first baby in next 10 days. Nevertheless to mention both are equally excited and are eagerly waiting for babies’ arrival. And this was my first chance to witness a father-to-be so closely.

Till date I always thought, its Woman who is worried and scared about motherhood and life after babies’ arrival..But this encounter with Bhavik changed my opinion about guys..The fathers to-be are equally excited and worried too about the well-being of wife and baby 🙂

38 thoughts on “Fatherhood and Feelings

  1. I have seen this kind of transformation in a few of my friends too 😀 😀
    I feel birth of a baby is definitely a life changing phenomenon for everyone related even distantly an altogether beautiful learning experience 😀 😀

  2. For me this is not really a surprise..I have seen soooo many father to be go though this.. and worse with the second one since they actually are there for the first one being born.. 😀

  3. after reading the first para i was confused… am I on the right sight or is shree a male or did she let her hubby write this post? so many thoughts lingering on my mind before i finished reading the post…

    advanced congratulations to the father and mother-to-be

    • Yeah..but I think it changes drastically when the person goes through it 😀 As I said Bhavik is very different person..we were shocked to hear all this from him..yeah but its definitely good 🙂

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