An outing round the corner

Its been long time since we have been planning for some short outing..and now we are getting an opportunity for the one.  One of our ex-colleague who resides in US is on India visit. We are planning to take him to nearby places. The places to visit are mostly some caves around Pune. Definitely its gonna be a good outing provided I get some relief from my cough and cold.

Never mind the new dose of tablets is making wonders..and I am improving a bit.

Will be updating pics of outing here..till then stay tuned !


12 thoughts on “An outing round the corner

  1. a good remedy for cough and cold— जवसाचे पाणी करुन ठेवायचे आणि तोडे तोडे प्ययचे दिवस्भर. २ चमचे जवस, २ ग्लास पाणी उकळून १,१/२ ग्लास करून ठेवा.

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