Updates please….!

Last few weeks have been quiet happening and eventful I must say..

  • We had a short and sweet outing to nearby Karla caves with Jeff  on the 1st Saturday of February(while I was still recovering from sickness). It was really good and memorable experience to take someone like Jeff  to the caves and explain the history behind it. Also,it gave us quality time to connect with Jeff more closely and understand each other 🙂  Don’t worry guys pictures of Karla caves will follow soon 😀 😀
  • Sunday was reserved for Jeff’s shopping. There were quiet few items on his list like Gold,Sarees,Punjabi suits for his wife. We took him to PNG, the famous goldsmith in Pune,famous for the purity and surety in gold for ages now. Jeff got a beautiful necklace for his wife on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary 🙂 Precious gift isn’t it ?  Shopping was then followed by delicious lunch at Bhagat Tarachand restaurant. After some more shopping and coffee@ CCD we went to airport to bid an Adieu to Jeff.

The following weekend i.e. had the real excitement and fun in store for us 🙂 Read on

  • Friday, the 11th was the rocking affair when the GOD of the guitar,Bryan Adams came calling all his loyal fans from Pune including me n V.  The D-moment arrived,when he kicked off the show with his all time hit ” One Night Love Affair”  and the 18ooo+ crowd jumped and shouted in joy. He literally took my heart away when he said , “Good evening everyone ,my name is Bryan” do you think this man ever needs any introduction ??? Definitely not.  This was the first international concert I attended in Pune..and I must say Bryan Adams “Made it a night to remember” 🙂
  • Ok..now comes Saturday the 13th which made hubby dear nostalgic with the old Ruksan memories 🙂 Let me elaborate, my dear hubby is an alumnus of Ruksan s/w private Ltd Pune and a huge get-together was organised by all the alumnus. Families being invited too we all wifey dear joined them @cybage lawn in Kalyani Nagar. 2-3 Hrs passed by like a minute and it was time to take leave !!!
  • Then come the D-day 14th February 2011, when V and I completed 6 yrs of association together 🙂 Celebration of togetherness followed by a quickly planned trip to Bhimashankar, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas near Pune. We wanted to spend some quality time together and this drive was a real pleasant experience. The evening was spent with near and dear ones ! Yeah..we got a beautiful gift from my bro-in-law, Sony S-frame,the digital photo frame 😀 😀 will put up pictures soon ! And yeah I gifted V formal shirt and his favorite Hugo Boss perfume,and let me break the suspense, my gift is pending till next month..and its gonna be some surprise 😉

Tuesday, 15th Feb onwards started cousin sis’ wedding preparations..On Friday I was off to the place to have fun with all band baja barat and masti full ON !!!!!!!!  Back in city this morning and here I am to be with you all desperately waiting to hit the “Publish” button 😛 😛

12 thoughts on “Updates please….!

  1. wow.. so much fun filled weekends.. Marriage are seriously fun and I just returned from my cousin Brother marriage and I had a fun time.

    Surprize for next month, hopefully you will keep us updated on this 😛

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