Bangalore Calling :-)

Wedding bells are ringing for V’s very good friend(team-mate in fact) and yeeeeeeeeho we are going to attend the wedding reception in B’lore on coming Saturday. My dil is going uummmm ummmm with the very thought of going to B’lore 😀 😀

Bangalore has a very special place in our hearts. After all it is the city where V and I started new phase of our life after marriage. Life in B’lore was blissful and exciting. B’lore also gave me my first break in big big IT giant and I got lifelong friends 🙂  When I relocated to B’lore from THE Mumbai,my first impression about B’lore was hi-tech but a slow and sluggish city. But gradually my impression changed and I started liking the city too much 🙂

I am going back there after almost 3.5 yrs,really can’t wait more to ride in Airavaat tomorrow !! Will be back with the details of the trip till then…. stay tuned 🙂

16 thoughts on “Bangalore Calling :-)

  1. hmm nice .. happens with all cities with us urban nomads ..hoping from city to city.. first u hate it.. coz u are too comfortable in your old one.. and then when u get use to your new place .. u start loving it more.. then again when you go to a new place .. same thing repeats.
    ..nice nice nikami

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