Chak De India

Just like every  other die-hard cricket fan in India, I too am waiting for the Wednesday,30th March 2011, when the two neighbouring countries who have fought 3 wars after freedom are gonna put their blood and sweat in Mohali. No doubt Cricket is a religion in India,every Indian eat,sleep and drink cricket now-a-days. And in such situation when it comes to the match with Pakistan,every Indian and his desh-prem is @ stake 😛  And I am no exception to it.

Though,I am not a very big cricket fan but when it comes to compete with our dear neighbours I will always support my fellow countrymen. No of SMS’s started doing round after India defeated Kangaroo’s in quarter-final match. And now its the DO or DIE situation for both the countries and the players. Poor fellows are under tremendous pressure to perform better on Wednesday.

My best wishes to the Team India ! Chak De India !!!!!!

16 thoughts on “Chak De India

  1. I was reading this post now, and India couldn’t have been in a worser state in cricket. 3 straight losses! 😐 Its funny how things can change, turn upside down in such a short amount of time!

  2. Indeed immense heat and pressure is on the Indian team 😛
    But seeing the markedly improved fielding in the quarter-final match, no-matter what the outcome, I can definitely say, it’s going to be a nail-biting entertainer match for sure 😛 😛

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