My life right now is nothing but a luxury I must say.Yeah with your mom being with you for more than 10 days now,what else you could think your life is?? After almost a year and half I got an opportunity to be with mom for such a long time. those who are married and working will definitely understand what luxury I’m talking about -:D Yes, early morning delicious breakfast,tasty veggis in lunch and mouthwatering snacks in the evening I’m feeling like going back to my those unmarried beautiful days ;-)With her presence I realize how lazy and ignorant I’m bcoz I don’t care what the cook does to the extra left overs,which shortcuts cleaning maid takes to complete her work in mere 45 mins.when mom is at home she makes sure to look at all the small things closely and make me aware of those.And I’m happy to get all kinds of labels from her for my ignorance :_P For this I’m just determined on continuing this luxury of life as far as possible but sad part is my somewhat long leave is becoming shorter and the day I mention going back to office my mom will start packing her bags :-(( So,being sick is the greatest luxury for me at the moment πŸ˜€

16 thoughts on “Luxury

  1. My mom is here too, and I totally get what you are saying! Especially the yummy breakfast. The realisation of how much I hate cereals for breakfast has never been stronger πŸ˜€

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