Better late than never

My first attempt in fiction 😀 😀
Reema walked on foot to the Operation Theatre, it was for the first time in the entire 3 decades she was undergoing knife.Heartbeats were not normal,almost double triple than normal.Her entire life was gonna change after this one hour in OT. Earlier whole night, She couldn’t sleep properly because of tension and anxiety about this small surgery,worst thoughts hovered over her mind,what will be the outcome??Is it tooooo late for me??For the past entire month She has been dying everyday with all sorts of thoughts,wicked thoughts.Guilt and constant self scolding. Scolding herself for being so foolish and negligent for all these years, for taking life and nature so lightly, for ignoring all those suggestions from friends,well wishers,parents.

Each and very moment in last entire month was spent on recalling the mistakes and regretting on them.Human mind is strange, never understands the logic.Today she badly want to change one thing from her past,she wish she could go back and just correct this one mistake, just one !!!! One important lesson this month after diagnosis she learnt is,”Never underestimate the mother nature,everything designed by nature has it’s own purpose and we human beings are negligent creature who do not value the nature’s gift”.Anyway, back to the OT,it was entirely an alien world for her,nothing was familiar there except her constantly shaking,weak,fragile and lean body with doubled heartbeats.

Soon after smelling glucose like gas she entered in the dramatic world ,it was just like movie Avataar,where she was a new person roaming around entirely different Universe with only thing constantly on her mind in that novice world was what would be the outcome, what would be the result???? After almost an hour since she was taken into OT blur-rely she could see group of 5-6 ppl discussing various things, some instructions passed around her, 2,3 rods on stomach, a pipe in throat and 2,3 needles on wrist.she took her own sweet time to understand she was in OT and was being operated for an Ovarian cyst, this cyst was the last minute surprise in diagnosis.

While gaining consciousness,She was constantly screaming, “doctor,what is the observation????” After a missed heartbeat she repeated same question, this time hubby dear replied “everything is normal” She didn’t buy his answer, and fell asleep just to hope in her subconscious mind to have everything as normal as possible.When doctor came for another inspection round She repeated same question to which doctor replied “everything Is normal,you are going to be a mother….1000 percent.Take my word”. Tears rolled down her cheeks silently !

16 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. People do things, in spite of understanding that everything designed by nature has its own purpose – We aren’t that clever after all? Your story did remind me of our helplessness and the upper hand of nature. Perhaps that’s good?

    Destination Infinity

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