Feel good Moments

While sick,Mom’s mere presence beside me and her warm affectionate touch works as best healer.

When a cute lil 5yr old neighbour waits with his grandpa,just to say ‘Hi’ to you,on your return from office.

Whenever I feel emotionally low and suddenly dad calls to speak.

During the corporate training, the 70yr old lady trainer scolds us for being late for class.Throughout her class I remember my granny 😀

Whenever,junior team members thank you with full of gratitude,for every small favor you do for them.

When you forget to carry your lunch box and your friend gets her maa-ke-hath ka khana for you.

When people enquire about you,when they do not see you “online” on sametime in office.

When a friends travels 25kms.in city just to share good news of her long pending marriage with her boyfriend with tear filled eyes.

I’m sure there must be many such moments in your life which make you smile and count your blessings 🙂

20 thoughts on “Feel good Moments

  1. Yes so true.. Mum’s are the best ..
    when you dont get to blog for a week and people email to ask whats up,
    when they call to enquire is you are ok .. even those whom you have not met all your life so far .. 🙂

    makes you smile the little things ..

  2. Lovely post. Makes you think and smile.

    You inspired me to write after a gap of over 2 months 🙂

    And thanks for dropping by my space and leaving your imprint 🙂

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