Life has become very hectic now-a-days.Everyday I’m in office for almost 12-13 hrs.Nevertheless to mention we are running and running to achieve a project target date…however, it’s been rescheduled twice already…

Past few days are gone like wind….guys V and I celebrated our respective b’days on 10th and 14th October. And this was the first B’day in our entire association when I couldn’t gift him any single thing….not even a flower :-(( Since his B’day was on Monday he had taken a day off…but I couldn’t take one…I was feeling really bad for being in office and poor chap @ home…alone :-(( This was the one day in life when I had scolded myself for being a working woman,and this is the day when I decided, no matter what… I’m not gonna let go any special occasion like this for the petty job of mine.

Everyday I’m coming home by 10,10.30 in the night…do read some good stuff that you guys write…but my grey cells are tired enough to post any new post or comments on your blogs…so guys bare with me for sometime.I shall be back soon with some interesting stuffs..that’s the promise !!!!

16 thoughts on “Hectic

  1. anyway, a belated happy birth day to you both.
    this too will change and u will get lots of time to celebrate once the work is done. so take heart, and enjoy whatever little you can..

  2. Hey! Belated Happy Birthday, Shree. Don’t worry. You can make up for the time you guys were not able to spend together once you complete your project 🙂

    Phew ! 12-13 hours in office. I barely spend 9 hours in office everyday. An IT job can be so demanding at times 😦

  3. Many happy returns of the day to both of you …
    Well weekend will be her soon so you can do something together and have fun …

    Looking forward to your posts …. Take care and in todays economy its better to be busy ..

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