Food for thought

Post Diwali my work in office is reduced and now I’m back to normal routine. Meanwhile I have been thinking about some missing factors in my life. I was not watching news,I was not getting my daily,monthly dose of good books and good thoughts.I strongly feel the need of quality food for thought must be fulfilled,consciously or unconsciously 🙂

Life in Pune and specially the office where I work is becoming boriyat for me..I’m missing my college frenz and colleagues from B’lore very badly. I’m missing surrounded by highly intellectual people and their thought process.Im missing every single thought provoking arguments we used to have with our manager.

My colleagues in Pune comparatively have different perspective towards life. 99% ppl here are more interested in their ghar-grahasthi,flat,EMIs,Cars etc. Seldom I met like minded ppl with diverse interest,in short I hv not come across anyone whom I should look upto and try to be like him or her during my Pune stay. There are few exception like Anant,Geeta and Bhupi but trust me I can count them on fingers 🙂

I think all the blogs I read,follow have really become my best buddies,with their off bit and interesting elements.because as a person I always liked to be surrounded with like minded or intelligent fellows.So this parallel world which is connecting me to all of you is my abode for knowledge,thoughts ahem food for thoughts!

12 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. Good Evening Shree!!!

    I guess and hope and “expect” that you remember me.
    Just a refresher- I am the same guy from B’lore, working in the same company, sharing the same office floor until we moved to the new facility where we parted, the same guy who rushed to airport to sea you off at the 11th hour (or minute or second) to hand u a book!!!

    Why am I saying all this! I guess u just mentioned about missing b’lore and “surrounded by highly intellectual people and their thought process”.

    Hmmm. Well…
    You need thought provoking…. whatever… think about your spirit and why are u here?
    Enough of crazy talk
    Good night!!!

    • Sattu bhai….hum Boole nahi hai aapko…air Bohol bhi nahi sakte…tanik aapka number MSG kar Dixie FB pe ya hamate number pe…Hamara phonewa kho guava tha aur oosme se sare nos bhi oodan chooo Huey hai…SO number plz

  2. I feel the same as you on the subject of hopelessness of the offline world. That’s one reason I started blogging – To meet some like minded people. I am happy that I am able to continue to blog…

    Destination Infinity

  3. Blogs indeed have become a prallell world , I have come back after a week and got hundreds to read and comment on , so today the whole day has whizzedddddd past .. 🙂 got to work now

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