Why this Kolaveri DI??

I’m sure by now everyone must have heard this song at least once. It’s a catchy, foot tapping timepass song. Hubby dear is mad mad behind this song..daily he is making me hear it twice or thrice…but unlike him I’m not very crazy about it. I just find it ok.

Newspapers,FB,twitter etc are going gaga over it…it’s kinda cyber hype u see. People everywhere asking you whether you heard it or not and if you say “NO” they will give you expressions like “PSPO nahi Janta??!” hhahahha

Pa-pa-pa-pay….pa pa pay!!!!!

24 thoughts on “Why this Kolaveri DI??

  1. I found it to be quite pedestrian, not even worth listening to once. And, the lyrics are not fit to be called lyrics. How stupid all of us are to be sucked into the “have you heard it” syndrome and then allow it to gain more followers or views without any merit.

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