(NO) Revolution 2020

Guys, I am Chetan Bhagat fan..love reading his books as soon as they are published. But sadly Revolution 2020 has disappointed me a lot.It is not at all interesting or appealing which I was expecting from this awaited book. I think over the time his writing has become stereotyped and repetitive.No doubt he is goood story teller and identified the Indian liking for masala material to the core, but with Revolution 2020 he failed to impress people.

Unlike the name,I did not find any revolution happening in the book. Chetan Bhagat,please come out of your comfort zone and get some inspiration to write something more meaningful and constructive,your articles in Sunday TOI also boring now-a-days….you need some change man!!!! You need revolution πŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “(NO) Revolution 2020

      • Well… you can read
        Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhans Yogananda (Just read it… All “thought provoking” ideas are born out of philosophy and end in philosophy! There is no exception….;-))
        BTW, this book is about the journey of the author…. worth reading… GIVE A TRY!!!

        Man’s search for meaning (I have the soft copy…. have to read myself…. story of a psychiatrist in a concentration camp during Nazi era in Germany…It talks about different levels of the psychological effect of imprisonment… )

        The Tao of physics by Fritjof Capra (Talks about the convergence of science and spirituality…. the author himself is a theoretical physicist )

        To sir, with love by Braidthwithe (very beautiful… how a teacher can mould students’ life)

        The Power of Now by Echart tolle

        The catcher in the rye (yet to read)

        For the time being it is enough!!!!!! πŸ™‚

      • Just remember another beautiful book….
        Mister God, This is Anna by Fynn…. Just read this book!!!

        Even I never liked philosophy… But when I started reading I found them interesting. SO with sci-fic. Try them. One sci-fic novel I can suggest is The Foundation Series by Issac Asimov… It is a set of 5-6 books

  1. After his last book, I decided that no one of him. Thank God, I stuck to that. He is just too bollywoodized in his writing and does not excite the senses anymore. He has been on the downward spiral right after his first book sadly.

  2. I liked his first book, but did not read others as I was recommended not to! πŸ™‚ I guess there is a lot of expectation from him and perhaps he is trying too hard to live up to them without realizing that he is losing his casual story-telling style that people adored.

    Destination Infinity

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