I hate you

Initially when we found them in our terrace V and I were more than happy to have them. I remember how thrilled we were when that female laid tiny eggs..V in fact made it sure to let them feel at home.But soon they doubled in numbers and our terrace became place of chaos,their favourite droppings dumping place…I wonder how on earth they find Solace only in my terrace,to be the appropriate place for all their mischievous activities 😦 😦

Their population increased faster than India’s population and so is our frustration.The most affected person in my household is dear maid,after me.Because everyday without fail she has to clean the terrace,before starting any of her work.We both hate these creatures more than anything else in life at the moment.Can someone please tell me the ways of getting rid of this unwanted guests/tenants called pigeons in our place???

27 thoughts on “I hate you

  1. Well, for the terrace, i don’t know if this works…but hanging CDs is supposed to be agood mean to get rid of them…the way the CDs shine in multi colours in the sun apparently dont please them much…

    Swaru…you can definitely try this! 🙂 (Do you come back and read comments, girls???)

  2. Oh that’s bad! Short of injuring them and that also does not guarantee that they will leave, you have no option. Make sure they have no access to food or water.

  3. Thought you were talking about rats or ants..they are what I’d call nuisance! But pigeons? Anyway, I hope you are able to find a way to stop them from messing up your terrace soon.

  4. I am sure the animal welfare people or maneka gandhi will have me behid bars.. For what I am going to say..

    KILL THEM.. shhhhjhhhh

    Well easiest is not to let them settle down..

  5. People are wondering why pigeons don’t come to their house, and you want to send them off? But I can understand the situation though! Here, there is only one master bird race surviving – The Crow. Nothing known to man can eliminate them! But I like their guts and tenacity 🙂

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