Har kisiko Mukammal Jahan nahi Milta

Har kisiko Mukammal Jahan nahi Milta, kisi ko zameen to kisiko aasman nahi Milta…single simple line speaks volume of life’s reality…Many of the times in life,the choices you make anticipating few things for future don’t always turn out to be the way you wanted them to. And when the time comes,the desperate you want the things to literally happen on drop of hat.

They say,Man Ka ho to acchha aur agar na ho to aur bhi acchha..that is to keep you going in the life,but,at the end of the day,that is the only thing you want to happen,that is the only thing on your mind 24/7 and when that does not happen…you loose faith in everything,you loose your patience,for some that is the end of world,which takes them to deep ocean of pain and unhappiness.For some that is the new beginning,for some that is the new challenge of doing things differently,and for some it is just about waiting for the right time.

And at the end amidst all the silence the only question prevails “WHY ME”??

22 thoughts on “Har kisiko Mukammal Jahan nahi Milta

  1. hope things are better now! p.s. had read a quote once that if in happiness and joy we dont ask why me then we dont have right to ask in sadness and pain. Deep eh?

  2. “you loose faith in everything,you loose your patience,for some that is the end of world,which takes them to deep ocean of pain and unhappiness.”

    I truly empathize with this post. may HE be kinder to us, the milder souls.

  3. there is no defining ‘mukammal jaha’. but one should always count one’s blessings and thank god that things could have been worse but for His helping hand. Be sure that help is always at hand when we need it. and take heart. and He always tends to test his favourites more I guess.

    • Sometime I feel god has his strange ways of testing his favorites…definitely I am lucky enough to have more blessings in life…but as they say life has to be balanced with right mix of sufferings n blessings 🙂

  4. Huge huge hugs Shree…. hang on, that upperwala you see is a prankster, he does this to have some fun, but finally gives us want we want..
    Hugssssssssss babes

  5. All will be fine.
    Totall 100% understand what you saying. If mukamal jahaan mil jaye then jeene ko kya reh jayega.. God is funny he likes to spice up our life now and then… Hence all the turmoils.. Life is going on fine for 3 or 4 years and the suddenly it takes a u turn..
    That is life I guess.. Our job is to carry on the show must carry on…
    And WHY ME. Well god loves me more.:-) he has me in his mind more than others.. Thats what I think… 😀
    Take care

  6. That deep ocean of pain and unhappiness makes us slowly realize that we might have been going in the wrong direction…. Wishing things that were perhaps worthless?

    Strangely, we never ask ‘Why me’ when we got everything we wanted.

    Destination Infinity

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