Holidays round the corner

Finally, the wait is over for the most exciting part of the year…yeah it is almost the end of year and time for my 10 working days mandatory leave in office..Yes as part of my company’s annual leave policy,every associate has to go on mandatory core leave. So here I’m super excited for my leaves starting from 20th Dec…yeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!

Earlier, V and I had foolproof plan for Kerala trip which is now shaved now Its me n bro,Goldy who are working on our holiday plan…let’s see whether it falls in place or not..but I’m damn happy to NOT to go to office šŸ™‚ for whole 10 days !!!

20 thoughts on “Holidays round the corner

    • Yeah dear, but sometime it’s not convenient, we have total 22 leaves every yea,out of which these 10 has to be taken in stretch…so for rest of the year it’s 1 leave per month…but in nutshell it’s an employee friendly policy..n I’m loving it !

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