****@ V Especial@****

Hey guys this is for the first time in my blogging career I am writing for V, the love of my life 🙂 I would like to mention Celestialray’s similar post on her hubby inspired me notice similarities writing this 😀

If looks could kill a panther would be dead.My brown eyed hunk is blessed with picture perfect features, sharp nose,Rosy lips,Colgate white teeth and lustrous hairs.In short total husband material 😉 So in looks department he is the one who always dominates me 😦

Every now and then I get threatened to admire him,pamper him or else he would get enrolled in some college/gym and I would be solely responsible for the huge female fans waiting for him at our doorstep..hehhehehe 😀 😀

If he invites someone for lunch,dinner and he is planning to cook then I have to make sure I start nagging asking him to start cooking well in advance(least 3-4 hrs :-P) the expected time of invitees 😉 given his speed and knack for perfectionism,there is full possibility that guests would die hungry 😉

I think he is blessed with selective memory,he remembers only few things he want to remember.e.g Once he got me a beautiful dress from Delhi and I was waiting for appropriate occasion to wear that dress(the appropriate time arrived almost after few months).Finally when I wore the dress,he says “Wow Shree,beautiful dress, where did you get this” 😦 😀

Before I gifted him iPhone 4, mobile phones were not meant for him. He used to carry one but was never aware where exactly the phone is lying in his office/car/house..so I used to joke on this, if someone is dying and needs ur help, better he/she call someone else but you 😛

He believes bathrooms are the most beautiful part of any house, he spends hours and hours in it…in reality girl’s are supposed to take longer time in bathrooms but in our case it’s totally opposite.

He gives me very good company for shopping, in fact he insists on me trying whole lot of clothes he selects for me in mall,shop.I agree I like that quality of him a lot 😀 compared to other creatures of his species 😉

He is very choosy about the accessories he/we use may it be perfumes, shoes,or crockery in kitchen etc he has to be involved In the shopping. No wonder it takes a lot of time for both of us to agree on one single item:-D

He is a great fan of MLTR,Bryan Adams,MJ and few more Halliwoodd artists..the moment he starts singing any song,be assured he won’t be torturing singing it more than 2 lines 😉 Thanks to his memory 😛

He is very alert.Even while sleeping.The apartment where we live has fire fighting system in place,in case of emergencies like fire it’s automatic voice alert system starts instructing occupants to evacuate the building.On some night the false alarm went up and V heard the automatic instructions while we were fast asleep @ around 3 am.Suddenly he kicked woke me up,gave me a shawl to wrap,got car keys,our apartment keys and we started rushing down through stairs. We almost went down 5-6 floors then one aunty peeped out of her apartment and told us about false alarm 😛

He is very good critic judge of food.He can exactly tell you what’s precisely good about the food and what exactly went wrong,even if the proportion or that extra burnt cumin seeds 😉

28 thoughts on “****@ V Especial@****

  1. Hi five on the last point 😀 😀

    Kaala teeka laga do har roz, ghar se nikal ne se pehle 😉 😀

    Wish you loads of sweetness to both of you 🙂

  2. Aha hubby must be pleased as hell :). And a guy who doesn’t like gadgets and allows wifey a lot of time to shop is quite rare :). Was a fun post to read.

  3. “My brown eyed hunk is blessed with picture perfect features, sharp nose,Rosy lips,Colgate white teeth and lustrous hairs.In short total husband material”
    Mam… u r highlighting the wrong attributes for a “husband material”…. these are hunk material 😉

  4. What a beautiful post, I am sure your hubby would be soooper glad to read this post right at the start of new year 😀 😀
    A very happy new year to both of you 🙂

  5. Ha ha ha about that dress. Men I tell you. But I am lucky R always remembers the dresses he has bought me and makes sure I wear them every once in a while. =)
    Lovely post Shree! He must be happy if he has read this.

  6. awwww he is “the man” and what better than someone who whisks you away from fire,takes you shopping and then holds the bags and then makes you feel so special and what better than you writing this about him.:) loads of hugs and wishes to the both of you 🙂

  7. You are lucky to have a husband who can not only give company for shopping, but also select things for you. I have always wondered how people get that patience! If me and my best friend go to a shop – I ask the shop keeper to show two shirts and buy one from them. My best friend asks for one and selects that itself! Yeah, we both have been banned to go and select dresses from any shop! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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