Bizzie B

Is what I have been for past few days. Its been almost more than 2 months, V and I are rushing out to some or the other place every weekend or some guests are visiting over..mostly weekends are busy than my weekdays. This routine made us exhausted to the hell…today was the first day in 2 months which was bit relaxed and lazy.

And I made no mistake in taking my much desired afternoon nap 😉 Guys,bare with me I hv to read a lot and comment on many posts…I know you all must have missed me badly 😀 so here I am..back again 😉 Meanwhile many things happened to ponder upon,
India’s(worst) performance in Australia
Elections in major cities in Maharashtra
Peaceful Valentine’s day(our wedding Anniversary)
Saif’s ‘Punch Nama’ in a 5 star restaurant
Long pending marriage of my best friend
Dad’s safe return journey to India

So these are the headlines…detail news after a break 🙂 stay tuned !!!!

18 thoughts on “Bizzie B

  1. Its been a good 3 months since we had a proper ‘relaxing’ weekend. Every Friday night I think – wow, weekend is here. By Sunday night it gets modified to – Whhhaaattt…weekend is over :/

    Guests coming over, us visiting people, some family function here and there, impromptu day trips or some or the other commitments.

    Early waiting for a weekend where I do N.O.T.H.I.N.G 😀 😀 😀

    • I could understand how difficult it is to be working and accommodating all social, family events,hosting parties. It really takes a lot out of you…I hope you will soon get the much awaited weekend..Amen 🙂

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