For last few days I have been pondering over this one word which has a lot to do with the kind of person I am today. Every person goes through some transition phases in life which do change his or her perspective towards life.

Dad,being a Govt.Servant has to travel across Maharashtra every 3 yrs. so I did my schooling till 10th from several small,big schools.Till 10th,my exposure to the outer world(apart from school) was limited.My mom used to make me participate every interesting extra curricular events taking place in school. So drawing exams, paintings and debating was something I started enjoying and excelling into. Academically, I was good and always passed with flying colors. For me that was the world 🙂 After my 10th results,Mom,dad decided to relocate to a CITY,which will value my talent and change my future. So we 3 kids and Mom shifted to Nashik and Dad used to visit us on weekends. Remember,I was a bright student so far 🙂

Very soon a new routine of classes,college started in new city,it took me a while to adjust in new environment.I was enjoying the BEST college,BEST teachers etc but somewhere I stated becoming introvert,Some inferiority complex started engulfing me,I started feeling out of the world.Other guys,girls were far superior than me in Maths,spoken English and this made me less expressive 😦 I couldn’t really make any good frenz during 11th and 12th, I had few like me who relocated to Nasik,for better 11th and 12th.

I had no one to share ideas about studies,patterns to follow in those years,I started feeling lost in the whole world. To make it worse,during final days of 12th exams,dark thoughts of skipping the exams,taking gap and reappearing were hovering over my minds.I was determined to skip that year exams.But it was mom who literally made me study and appear for papers. As expected the result was not up to the mark,I couldn’t believe its me,who was once topper throughout her school days got such ranks 😦 😦 No wonder,Parents were really disappointed 😦

Since that day,I lost confidence in myself. I started feeling myself good for nothing.My dream was to be a doctor.However with those less marks I was eligible for Ayurveda or Homeopathy course admission,which I never wanted.Engineering was not my cup of tea,so I didn’t even bother to fill up any application forms. In that crucial juncture we all were confused with the future 🙂 I appeared for every applicable entrance test for various courses.Computer Science was hot cake and dad wanted me to pursue that but for me it was secondary option after medical. After lotsa ifs and but’s I finally landed in Computer Science graduation course. What followed, during the graduation will make another post for sure.So 11th and 12th changed my perspective about myself — “Good for nothing”


25 thoughts on “Perspective-I

  1. Well how true , I studied in one of the best schools in india at that time, but I made such a big mistake in 11th i decided to come ot college .. and It was a big mistake , I had icse in 10th and passed with very good marks .. but 11th was differet it was PUNJAB EDUCATION BOARD.. and i will be repenting it all my life for that decision .. I almost failed in 11th class had two compartments as they are called ..

    Same was my scenario i was the eldest later all my cousins and everyone gained as the yall did there 12th from the school they did there 10th ..

  2. “How Nature prepares one in advance is not realized by human beings, and most of us waste our time in fretting and fuming against what we believe to be an adverse circumstance or, perhaps, even a malignant destiny” ~Chariji

    So we have to just keep moving on! 🙂

  3. “How Nature prepares one in advance is not realized by human beings, and most of us waste our time in fretting and fuming against what we believe to be an adverse circumstance or, perhaps, even a malignant destiny” 🙂

    So we never no! 🙂

  4. Hello Shree!!

    According to me, the ages which shape out any person’s life are from 16-20..primarily after 10th std till college…you win, lose, get hurt, learn, rise up, fight – all the important pieces in the jigsaw of leading a good life in this world 🙂

    My dad wanted me to do medicine..but I scored a bit less Biology – coupled with some traumatic experiences in the labs..I explained that I would do anything but medicine 😀

    Could totally relate to the ‘complex’ matter – but college taught me a good lesson…

    Waiting to hear perspective-ii


  5. Though I did my schooling from one school through out but 11th and 12th std. did affect me and my opinion about myself massively. I had state board and it affected my life massively as far the syllabus of the entrance exams went 😦
    I guess those two years are life changers for most students in our country, in a real make or break way.
    I like this series, looking forward to the next post 😀

    • Very true My fact at my time those 2 yrs were highly important to make or break as you said…and I was in such strange state of mind in new place, I had no one to look upto for guidance except my parents, being elder in kids no immediate guidance as well 😦

  6. I went through a very similar phase, starting from my 11th Standard. In my case, it was the shift from CBSE to State Board that killed my academic ambitions. I sort of became the opposite of what I was just a year earlier. But then, these years helped me to form the right perspective of what I was doing, and of the world. I was able to clearly see the mistakes I had been making till then. Success, has this quality of blinding people but failure opens their eyes. It tends to make people look at things in a more balanced perspective.

    Destination Infinity

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