Back from ashes

Its been ages(half a decade to be precise) since I logged on here. Life has changed sooooo soooo much in this time for me. To the knowledge of my blogger friends, V and I are blessed with twin daughters in the year 2014 🙂 and life has been a true roller coaster ride since then. Honestly,I never in my remotest,wildest thoughts had even imagined what it means to be a twin parent 😉

Only thing so far I believe in is “We are the chosen ones” 🙂 From a very high risk pregnancy to relocating to USA (while being pregnant) to delivering my babies prematurely at 32 weeks and to visit them in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU) for initial one month was very daunting and overwhelming experience of life.And honestly life started revolving around this tiny fellas the moment they were conceived :-))

I was feeling like an alien in the parenting world.Didn’t know from where to start and what to do..Thanks to Mommy and sis dear who were always there for me. In initial few days I was a zombie, who was sleep deprived,tired,fatigued and always stressed about well-being of these 2 tiny human beings.

Lucky I am to have got an immensely understanding spouse and dotting dad in V. When my parents left for India after 6 months,it was V who took charge of girls along with me. He was the reason I survived that challenging time. I hated people who used to say,”Time flies fast” and babies wont be this small for long time. Because for me every day was long like a year. Nevertheless,now when I look back and wonder if I could ever bring back that time again? Alas,I know the answer “I wont be ever”.





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