My dad was(Now retired from service) a State govt.officer,which means he used to get transferred to new places every 3 yrs. and I loved the entire process of shifting/setting up in the new places as a kid.

So,V and I had to travel to San Francisco,California (for long-term) during my pregnancy. Both set of parents were extremely worried to let me travel in my delicate condition. After we got a go-ahead from my gynac we traveled without any tensions. We were not new to the USA & its overall setup due to couple of earlier work related visits. Only difference this time was pregnant me 😀

A very close & generous friend of V made us stay with his family till the time we got the formalities of our new apartment done. And it was indeed the best decision of that time. I was exhausted and fatigued from the long haul journey.H&S took care of me like their own sis.10 days spent at their place was very emotional time of my life.All of a sudden, I was scared for being alone in the entirely new place & was thankful for their presence for me.

Due to twin pregnancy,I developed GD(Gestational Diabetes) & was mercilessly put on 3 Insulin shots with dietary restrictions. Real struggle of restricted cooking and doing every chore by self started when we moved into our apartment. Though V was always helping in everything required, it was overwhelming to do everything by myself. In India I was surrounded by fleet of house helps,cooks and family for all the required support and here I was all alone,thinking and rethinking and crying about the validity of our decision to relocate.

Real Challenge ahead was to find a good gynac here who was accepting new patients. It took us 23 days to find out and meet the gynac after completing all the formalities. By God’s grace everything was ok during that 1 month. We were learning about the medical protocols followed here from our friends and colleagues.Which immensely helped us  in sailing through that initial difficult time. Honestly it is very important to have support system no matter which part of the world you live in !!


2 thoughts on “Relocation

  1. Relocating to a new country during pregnancy can be pretty challenging. Glad you have caring friends and finally settled in with a good gynecologist.
    Best wishes for the new life 🙂

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