A decade !!

Seriously can’t believe my blog has completed a whole decade of its existence..not that I kept it very active in recent times..but still my this baby is standing tall,giving me loads of memories and moments to cherish through my writing.

In last 3-4 years social media has taken over my desire of writing any elaborate pieces. When you can express your feelings precisely in 140 chars on twitter or through beautiful pictures and hashtags on Instagram,the urge the write is somewhat lost and I am guilty of trapping myself in the popularity of social media. I am active on every other platform except here 😦

Whenever I visit my this space,I sense my blog is seeking an attention from  me like an ignored baby would. Maybe with busy life,there is no time to even think about writing here. I want to continue writing one post a week at least..just for the love of writing and reading 😉



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