It’s already November -2018

How and when time flies so fast !!! In every December I start jotting down my new year’s resolution,even if it means to have only one item on my list. Surprisingly this year I have accomplished all my resolutions  yayyy ! There is a say , resolutions are made to not fulfill but when you accomplish them..nothing like it. Since this is already November and with my upcoming travel to my very own Des..I dont think I will have any time to even breath in December this year..hahaha ! Isn’t it a good excuse to NOT make any resolution at all 😉

Better fitness routine is the one and only resolution on my list for the new year. Honestly,in the past year and half that I have been working from home,I have literally become physically inactive and a couch potato. Back to back meetings and presentations need me constantly around my laptop. At least when you go to office,you are active enough to roam around desks and meeting rooms. At home it’s just you and your laptop. I need to find out a way to be little more mobile and active. Maybe start back my morning Yoga/Zumba routine.

When I see my dad getting up early morning every day without fail and continuing his Yoga/Meditation routine, I feel ashamed of myself. He is a real inspiration to me. He is the person who never likes to be idle. May it be reading,watching,going for walks or some other form of exercise, he is always ready to push his limits. If I can even do 1%  of what my dad does,I will accomplish my resolution for sure. Knowing fully that it will require solid dedication from my end..I am ready to push that bar higher for myself.

Wish me luck guys !!


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