Just Like That

This is my first ever blog in my life..why i am here?? why i am writting? Answer is Just Like that 🙂 So many things we pursue in life Just Like that..as a kid if somebody would ask me what you want to be?? I had various answers at every stage..ranging from Bus conductor,Interior designer,Dance director,singer etc etc the reason behind my those answers or you may call ambitions was “Just Like That”…However years after i partially realised the real meaning of that “Just Like That”, The things we do,we think of doing/pursuing are somewhere lingering around our mind..and our subconcious mind always believes yes this is what i want to do..But our concious mind doesn’t ALWAYS know the reason behind it..hence with concious mind we say “Yes i want to do this” Why?? Just Like That Buddy..take a chill pill….

2 thoughts on “Just Like That

  1. Cool to see you start writing a blog. 🙂 Hope u get the satisfaction you intend by doing this 🙂Njoi and move ahead….tc.

  2. Hello Madam,Good to see u here, finally… Now that u have arrived, Make ur presence feel.The journey has just begun,U have miles to deal.All the best…Satyakam

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