Nu Place Nu People

The title Nu Place Nu People is inspired by Ashley’s interesting blog on same topic. We have been informed about our project movement to another department on one Friday 2/3 weeks back.It was a sudden news that 3 members of our team,including me will be sitting in new place Monday onwards! They say, in this world nothing is constant except CHANGE and Change is always good..i was thinking about the current place, team mates,few friends which i made here in short span of 7 months..overall,the comfort zone i have created for myself…Finally the D-day arrived,we packed our documents etc in a carton the evening bid an adieu to everybody in the team and stepped out of office building with heavy heart for the very first time in 7 months 😉

The new office building is not very far from the current one..we could see it from top floor of the current building..Its a first day in the new office today..there are distinguished differences in both workplaces..we had an introduction with new team here. It is a big team of 25 ppl including 3 of us…my mind is flooded with curiosity. how the new team will be , how the new managers will be and howz the working environment…Its human tendenacy to compare between two things and same is happening here.We human beings are bound to comapre new things with the old ones.

I found new place bit gloomy and crowded..lights arrangement is such that one will feel like sleeping once entered on the floor..there is no partition on entire when you enter you could see all the techies trying to keep their eyes wide open in order to concentrate on work hehehhehe..No scope to sunlight exposure..on top of that its rainy season..the climate outside is pleasant but inside its gloomy.

The only best part is, my seat location..its the perfect seat i ever got…One jumbo pillar is standing behind me so that no one can intrude my privacy 😛 Other team mates who are shifted with me were working in the same building earlier so nothing is new for them. However i am bit confused/curious about everything But not jumping to any conclusion just laiding back and observing you know Wait and watch 😉

One thought on “Nu Place Nu People

  1. Only change is constant – Very true.Its good that your office prepares you for next job changes 😉They say that the IT guys should always keep the bags packed. You never know the next moment you have to face the change of office/ city or even country. I am sure after a few years while leaving this new office you will write one more blog that how much you liked it, how much you will miss it and all, you know 🙂

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