A typical day of Raksha-Bandhan in the year 1991, to be precise: 25th August 1991, when our parents gifted us a wonderful gift..it was none other than my cute lil kiddo bro..”Goldy”. When we heard the news from Papa that we are blessed with a brother on the day of Raksha-Bandhan..our joys knew no Bounds… Joll and I started shouting,clapping with joy..immediately we rushed to hospital with 2 Rakhi’s in hand…

Goldy’s arrival brought joys in our life..now we were more responsible and protective siblings..Today he turned 17 a naughty teenager..but for me he will be always like a baby..whom we protected all these days..Though we celebrated his b’day on Raksha
Bandhan 😉 I Wish him a warm birthday today also ! Lucky guy he officially celebrates
his b’days twice in month 😛

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