WE,The Resources

“Employees are the biggest assets to any Company”,”Employee Satisfaction”,”Job Satisfaction”, “Work/Life Balance” these are the key words every IT professional must be hearing every now n then from their managers.Sometime,these typical managerial talks really amuses me 😉 I wonder whether managers really mean all the goody goody things they utter(which is also on rare occasion’s) for their employees?????? How would i know anyway….i have never been to management school 😉

The observed and experienced fact is, when job market condition is good company(read managers) will value you lot..you will be the key resource of the team,your concerns will be discussed and understood Contrary to it when the market condition isn’t that good, managers and companies in turn will behave like GOD,or superpowers will try to take your advantage,each and every adjustment will be given a name such as “cost cutting measures” “recession” “bad market condition” etc. then it doesn’t matter whether or not company is really getting affected by recession or not.

Don’t think that i am frustoo and speaking out of my frustration …the experience so far made me strongly believe in the fact thatwe software engineers or any other employee of any organizations on this planet for that matter, are nothing but certain “Headcounts” or “Resources”. Here is the good example to prove this : Few days back my manager called a meeting with one of my colleague,only to inform him that he has been released out of the team in order to maintain the “Resource Count” mentioned by the client. Interesting part is, this colleague of mine was the core and senior most member in the team..But for management or company now, he was just another “headcount” or “resource”
SAD isn’t it????

One thought on “WE,The Resources

  1. Indeed it is… I know how bad it is when such a thing happens to someone. These recession times have been really really tough and stressful for many…

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