Why ppl can’t be less complicated?????

Today I was chatting with one of my colleague in office…When he informed me about his new car which he bought today, I congratulated him and asked for sweets..then he was like,

He: “Car ke liye kya sweets dene ? ” 

Me : Come on you got your first car and you should share happiness with friends.

He: Yeah but I don;t want to be centre of attraction, ppl will come and ask me details.What,when,how??

Me: Then what???

He : then nothing..but I just want to keep it to myself.

On this I was wondering what should I reply….

Another colleague who recently got long service award for his considerably long stint with the company was reluctant to celebrate, and the reasons he put forward were really sounding unreasonable to me.

One more colleague disclosed  the news of he being married (for quiet sometime) only when  he was blessed with a baby girl and we were like hyaaaaaaaaa…when did this happen 😛

Jokes apart, I always wonder why people take their life so seriously and make it complicated. I firmly believe in sharing the happiness with people bcoz happiness multiplies with sharing and sorrows do reduce 🙂  And why one has to be so mysterious and complex to lead a normal blissful life..my only mantra(straight from Kal Ho Na Ho) is “Haso, khelo,muskurao…kya pata kal ho na ho” So to the all serious and complex ppl out there..be less complicated and enjoy the phenomenon called LIFE !!!!!

20 thoughts on “Why ppl can’t be less complicated?????

  1. I totally agree! Why complicate simple things??! Weirdos! 🙄
    I agree with what Swaram says – new dress, shoes all are celebrated!!
    Life shouldn’t be so complicated and one should have fun! What’s the use of working so hard??!!
    Every small occassion which brings us joy should be celebrated!! 😀

  2. Very rightly said.. Life is quite simple and we only go on adding unnecessary complications to it… No matter how big or small, happiness must be always shared 🙂

  3. Complicated people, complicated lives..

    And about the celebrations, I think those people might be very stingy thinking that their money would be wasted on useless matters. 😛

    BTW, nice blog! Keep writing. 🙂

  4. Bang on!! Even I hv encountered such samples n always wonder “Whats wrong” with them! If smbody acts like this, I will ask them to read ur post 😀 wat say? 😀

  5. Oh yeah….building complexity into everyday life can be really stressful. Whats wrong in celebrating a new car ??? Just cant get it….

    Ur mantra – too cool !!! 🙂

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