Jadu ki zappi

Today I am missing my dear Mommy a lot 😦 😦  after soooo many years I have fallen sick like this and I am missing the warmth of her lap and her hug. Ok guys, do not worry I am just caught in cough and cold for last few days, and this time it has persisted for more than 3-4 days.

In the evening when I return to an empty home, I become nostalgic…..and the only wish I have is to have a Jadu ki zappi from my Mommy..just the way it used to be in my growing years 🙂 🙂  In sickness, I needed my Mom around me all the time..I would never never let her go away from me not even for a minute…and today ???? Yeah, today I’m a grown up girl..but Mom is Mom and kids are kids no matter how old they are !!!!

Mom’s hug always made me forget all my worries , tensions and problems..moreover it always worked as the fastest medicine for me…You don;t have to explicitly tell about your problems..she knows everything in just one glance…Tujhe sab hai pata..hai na Maa 🙂


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