8 Minutes On Stage

It was for our office’s annual function,yesterday and we were to perform on fusion song for 8 minutes….I like to dance/perform..and always thought what’s the big deal in stage performances but this time i worked with professional choreographers and then realised the hardwork,efforts involved in any stage event..believe me even after 2/3 week’s hardwork (read practice) we all were getting butterflies in stomach before our performance..At last the D-Moment arrived, butterflies became stronger and soon after we made an entry on stage..and after that what we did..i really don’t remember much…it was only when audience started clapping,whistling i realised everything is going well and by this time it was an end of our performance..hehehe…

2 thoughts on “8 Minutes On Stage

  1. Another thing to share with you πŸ™‚ kisi ko bol mat, unless people read it here in the blog. I too participated in a 3 min dance number in patni annual day 2008 at London πŸ™‚ Videos on youtube… search with patni annual day 2008 uk πŸ™‚Baki stage performance ki preparation ka apna alag maza hota hai, and us k baad mai perform karne ka aur bhi alag maza, ho sakta hai ki sab kuch jaise socha hai waise jaye ya na jaye, but dono mai hi maza ata hai πŸ™‚I have done stage plays in my colony in school days, ganpati k time par, school mai, eng.college mai bhi πŸ™‚tc.

  2. Hey I know u r a very good dancer, I am sure ke choreographer ko zyada mehnat nahin karni padi hogi πŸ™‚If you have got the video share it.

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