To the most adorable Woman in my life…

Remember the famous dialogue from movie,Deewar?? where AB says, “Aaj mere paas gadi hai,bungla hai,bank balance hai..tumhare paas kya hai? on which SK replies,”Mere pas MAA hai”  to which AB has nothing to reply back.How real is the fact isn’t it? To every child in this world,his mother is the best and strongest support, always….!  If you have your mother with you,you are the richest person in the world 🙂 Imagine, you are coming home after a hectic day and your Mom welcomes you home with a infectious smile..half the stress vanishes then and there. A generous hug makes you forget all the worriess in this world. In childhood my mom’s lap was the most secure place for me whenever i was afraid of something.

I am my Momma’s girl,in life my strongest support has always been my Mom,whichever may be the sitaution she exactly knows how to handle it. I remember once on their way to some place(on bike) Mom n Dad met with a road accident,dad was severly injured as compared to mom. Mom shown strong presence of mind and did everything from taking dad to nearby hospital,sending us the message(me being eldest 12 yrs old that time) through a ST bus driver (all phones in area were dead due to heavy rains),making quick arrangements to shift dad to another good hospital (around 100kms away). I still remember that day very broadly,when after a small surgery dad regained conciousness,the first sentence he uttered was,”Guys, today I am alive because of my all thanks to her for my new life” and tears rolled down from Mom’s eyes 🙂 

Sometime i really wonder about the wisdom and strong judgement abilities she posses..she is a strong lady who never breaks down easily..well educated and ambitious but sacrificed her career ambitions for her kids and their future..its her bcoz of whom today we,her kids have become something in life..The strong values she has inculcated in us are the biggest assests we are carrying with us in life 🙂  She always firmly believed in strong foundation for a strong character..and her mantra in life is “Be a human and realise others are human too” .  Recently she has kept an aged lady as a help at our place and i was quiet unhappy with that since this lady is too old to do anything..when i protested about it, Mom’s reply was “Beta, this granny is all alone in this world,she has nobody to look after.She is very adamant on providing some help, hence i kept her here so she will at least have her meal, twice a day and some money from us..kar bhala to ho bhala” 🙂  Very noble thinking, to which i was speechless and completely rolled back my protest.

Every daughter’s first and best friend is her mother, Who is always there with her in all odds and even to support her,to guide her through thick n thins in life..Her selfless love for her kids is the pure form of love existing in this world.Of all the numerous good qualities of Woman,Motherhood is the most beautiful one !!  Today, i would like to salute the most adorable woman in my life, my mother, for all her kindness,dedication,small and big acts of sacrifice and her selfless love for me and my siblings !

“God Can not be everywhere hence he created mother” is an eternal truth !!!!!!


20 thoughts on “To the most adorable Woman in my life…

  1. Just nodding .no other words 🙂
    mum… most beautiful creation till date..
    more beautiful than a baby..cause the baby can grow to be bad.. but very rarely a mum can be that for her child isint it?

  2. Am also my mommy’s girl 🙂 Loved your post… very true… I probably couldn’t have done 1/2 of the things without her support. She is my support system too 🙂 just like yours 🙂

  3. Kudos to motherhood and the women of the world !!! Happy women’s day to you, too !!

    Your Mom is quite strong and so sensitive !!! Let her deeds inspire many of us to do much more !!!

  4. Awwwwwwww!!! That was such a touching ode!! I could sense warmth and oodles of love emananting from every word you had written! 🙂

    God bless you my dear 🙂

  5. That must have been a shocking incident for your parents. Its nice to read about your mom’s will & strength. You’re right-Every girl’s best friend is her mom:) I could’ve written a post & it might have turned out a lot like yours. Cheers to mommies!

  6. Happy women’s day!!
    Hats off to your mom and all the other women in the world who have proved that they are not in anyways less than men.

    Let’s hope that women’s reservation bill for parliament seats will be approved and passed today… 🙂

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