Being Impatient

Just now I lost my temper over some petty issue with V…and I realized,I am becoming a highly impatient person day by day. People who know me personally know me for my forgiving nature,and loads of patience.Its in fact V,who is short tempered and no non-sense guy..but looks like our association is transforming us into each other.

While looking back over past few months I realised,the transformation is not overnight,I have fired 2 cooks in 4 months,coz I could no longer tolerate them and their tantrums,I left my cab over some small issue and the list is ongoing.This different side of my nature is disturbing and hurting me a does no good to me…most of the times I find myself moping over some or the other thing…feels like the peace of mind and sanity in my life has disappeared for no good reason.

I don’t like this aspect of my nature…suggest me some good way to come out of it.

26 thoughts on “Being Impatient

  1. In my opinion, you need a break from hectic life, some time to pamper and relax yourself. Once you are relaxed, you’ll be able to concentrate better on life in general, will feel yourself and life will feel lot more in control than what it seems now.

    Hope you feel better soon 😀

    • Your words hv soothing effect on me.Prolem with me is, whenever in difficult situation,I feel it’s the world’s biggest issue I’m facing with extremely bad outputs 😦 I am normally lost in lotsa ifs and buts

  2. Just don’t worry too much about it Shree. Maybe you should relax or take a break from things… sometimes being stressed out takes a toll on good temper. I am sure you will be back to your tolerant self soon. 🙂

  3. looks like you are overworked or worried about something. try to find the reason. you have to let go of somethings so that u can concentrate on others more.
    hope this helps you.

  4. I’ve had these phases before. And more often than not, it is because I am being bothered by some other issue(s). And that is making me cranky to take out my anger sooner than later.

    Think about it. Is there anything you are not happy about? Something that is bothering you or something you are unhappy or frustrated with ?
    Maybe you just need a break…

  5. This aspect of your nature is not a cause. Rather it is effect. The cause is somewhere else.
    There could be may possibilities-
    -S/w Job
    -Life in big city
    -a void of some sort (u have to find out what or may be u know it but refuse to acknowledge)
    Sort out the cause and the effect will die out automatically 🙂

    All The Best


  6. I ma the last one to suggest I myself and so impatient and short tempered ..

    Its probably some stress or something you are feeling that all ..

    I go for a run when i feel angry 🙂

  7. good that you wrote it here.. come back and read when you lose your temper next time..
    the other age old way of handling is to count to 10 or shift focus.. hope this helps.. hugs Shree..

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